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Health insurance protects individuals from unforeseen medical emergencies of self / family members. Medical emergencies may result into hospitalization and huge expenses on medicines, medical procedures etc resulting into erosion of savings. Health insurance safeguard your one’s hard-earned funds from being spent on expenses related to hospitalization, medicines, ambulance, doctor’s consultation etc

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Health Insurance Plans are of various types based on coverage provideds: -

  • check-boxIndividual health insurance

  • check-boxFamily health insurance / Family Floater

  • check-boxCritical Illness Insurance

  • check-boxPersonal Accident Cover

Types of Health Insurance

This is the most common type of health insurance plan in India. This policy covers only the individual person. The premium depends on various personal factors such as age, family history, etc., of the individual.


This type of health insurance plan covers the entire family. It is like individual policy except that sum assured under this plan is normally shared between covered family members. One of the main advantages of this type of plan is that there is no need for buying and managing different policies and plans for different purposes and individual need for all the members.

It covers various Critical Illness including Cancer, Paralysis, Alzheimer’s, Blindness and ailment of major organs like Heart, Kidney, Lever etc. It also covers surgery of major organs / bone marrow transplant and other major surgical procedures.
In this policy, payout as decided at the beginning is handed over to the assured-on detection of any of the critical illness as per the policy conditions. Not only can the insured use the amount to pay for the medical expenses, but also look to meet other financial obligations.


Accidents are uncertain and you never know when and where it can hit you and cause serious harm. This policy provides financial safety against accidental death, accidental bodily injuries, and permanent total /partial disabilities.One advantage of such plan is that these are very cheap and provide coverage till higher age.