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General Insurance


General Insurance helps us to protect ourselves and the things we value such as our home, cars and other valuables. It cushions against the damages resulting into financial losses from unexpected damages / loss to property, valuables etc. Insurance company promises to pay a sum assured to cover damages / loss of insured articles

Major types of General Insurance for Individuals: -

  • check-boxHome Insurance

  • check-boxMotor Insurance

  • check-boxFire Insurance

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Types of General Insurance

Home Insurance is a cover that pays or compensates for the damage to your home due to natural calamities, man-made disasters, or other threats. Home insurance policies provide protection to both structure and valuable contents of the home.


Motor Insurance is intended to protect against damage to the vehicle, theft of the vehicle, physical damage or bodily injuries that could result from an accident.Moreover, it is compulsory for all motorized vehicles to have a compulsory third party insurance cover. Hence Motor Insurance is the most common form of general insurance cover known to public at large.

Fire Insurance is a kind of insurance which covers damages and losses caused by fire, earthquakes lightning, and the removal of property from the premises endangered by fire.